September 2013 Income Report

Hey guys!

So October is almost over and I haven’t put up an income report yet for September.

Shame on me.

August was huge.  We hit the $3,000 mark which means that I matched my old salary.

Did I maintain that income in September?

Amazon: $2,198.44

Squidoo Payout: $357.68

Ecommerce Site: $19.96 (profit)

ShareaSale: $168.58

Adsense: $37.36

Clickbank: $69.15

Commision Junction: $14.35

3rd Party Affiliates: $50

Total: $2622.19

So… About $400 shy of goal.

Oh well.

Creating a Good System

I sat down the other night and took a good look at my most successful sites and Squidoo articles. I picked out some key characteristics:

– A Lot of Long Tail Traffic
So often, I get blinded by the keyword tool and start targeting the “big” terms.  But most of these posts ranked for many long tails before they started ranking for the main terms.
Using Google Instant To Pick Out Subtitles
On all of my successful posts I use Google Instant to come up with key phrases that people search for related to the main term that I was targeting.  Sometimes it seems overwhelming trying to cover every angle, but it seems as though I am always rewarded by a lot of long-tail traffic…as well as better rankings for my main term.
It helped me to see what was working and I’ve plotted out a bunch of keywords to try to get up before the end of the year.  I’ll be honest, i really want to see $10k a month.  That has been a goal of mine since I was a kid.  I’m hoping that if I start putting some action behind my ideas, we’ll see some incredible growth.So, that’s all for now.  Nothing too crazy!
Keep pedaling.

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  1. neale says:

    Thanks Quinton for posting your income reports. I also got hit hard by google a couple of years back and am just now starting to see a little growth. Thanks for demonstrating that persistence and hard work does pay off :-)

    • lostcyclist says:

      Glad to hear about the growth. I’m optimistic that Google is done with their big changes for awhile *fingers crossed*

  2. Thanks for sharing where you have been in online earning journey.
    May I ask how many sites are you managing to generate such revenue?


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