6 Steps To Overcoming Depression

I rarely talk about the emotional side of this game. And I suppose for each player it is a little different.

But right now, I’m so bummed — almost depressed — that it is really hard to get motivated to do any work.

I can hear you now: “How on earth are YOU bummed?! You get to work from home! You have the dream job!”

And you are right. I don’t deserve to be moody. My moods are something that I am getting faster and faster at manipulating to my own benefit. And that’s why I decided to take a few minutes to jot down some ideas on how I recover from the doldroms.


My wife really has helped me discover that I am very affected by what is in my body. Often, all I need is a baked potato and a nice salad to completely change my attitude.

We’ve all seen the Snickers commercial “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” And it’s true.

Furthermore, I find that a daily multivitamin makes all of the difference in my energy levels. If I find myself feeling run down, I’ve typically missed a couple of day’s worth of vitamins.

Finally, copious amounts of water is really helping my mental stamina. I’ve been downing 3-4 quarts a day and the difference for me between 2 quarts in a day and 3 quarts in a day is phenomenal.

Take a Break

One day my Grandpa and I were trying to fix something. Completely stumped, he finally scratched his head and said “I know what we need for this. We need a cup of coffee.” Sitting there in our lawn chairs, looking at our mess of a project gave him the perspective he needed to solve the problem.

It’s a tactic he used all the years that he was at the helm of ThermaTex to grow it into one of the largest synthetic stucco companies of his era.

For myself, I like to start with trying to write down my problems and solutions. Talking them through with my wife — or just out loud — often brings new insight.

And, if nothing else, a 15 or 30 minute nap is all I need to get fresh insight on my current frustration.

Count Your Blessings

If you are an American, you probably have hot running water available. King Solomon didn’t even have that.

Right now, I’m not in the middle of any war. I have heat, light and gourmet coffee. My wife and kid are happy and less than 2 feet from me.

When I start counting my blessings, it helps put the real problems in perspective.


“The state that you’re in at any given moment determines your perception of reality… and thus, your decisions and behaviors.” – Anthony Robbins

It sounds whacked until you try it. Give me 20 jumping jacks. or pushups. Or stand tall and strong and take 20 deep breathes. Then try being depressed.

Sometimes, physically breaking the “funk” is the most powerful thing you can do.

Know That It Will Change

Today, I’m bummed for a number of reasons. Mostly because there are not enough hours in the day to make the money I need to make before I need to take “maternity” leave to be with my new kids.

Big whoop, right?

But it’s frustrating. I’ve actually spent the morning writing articles on textbroker for about $6 an hour trying to get enough saved up to buy my next domain. I’m tapped out.

But the key is that within 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 12 weeks .. it will all be different.

No matter how bleak it gets, it can always get better. It just takes faith to get through the less than stellar spots.

Face Your Fears

fearGive a fear an inch and it will paralyze you. Ready?

What if my child is kidnapped? falls ill? dies?
What if my wife falls ill? Dies?
What if all of my projects over the next 4 months fail?
What if I get food poisoning from the can of chili I just ate?
What if a meteor strikes my house?

Sorry to take you there. I’ve been a fearful bloke since I was about 6 (at least that I can remember.)

The first step is to identify those fears.  Keep asking “What’s the worst that could happen?”  You mean I might have to get a real job again? No biggie.

What is key is to replace those fears with real, solid truths. Truths that can keep your chin up no matter how bleak it looks.

Here are some of mine:

“This life is beautiful.”

“Cast all your anxiety on the Lord, because He cares for you” – 1 Peter 5:7

I will reap from the hard efforts I sow. – Galatians 6:7

I know most of my readers aren’t Christian, but Christ was right when he said “perfect love casts out fear”.  Until I changed my beliefs to understand that this life is inherently good and amazing, I lived in constant fear.

So find truths that answer the fears in your life, and use them to change your fearful belief system into an empowering one.

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  1. Roque Alea says:


    You are awesome dude :-) I’m not work at home yet, but I am thinking the same thing over the past few days.
    I have 3 weeks break during the Christmas and spent it working on my sites and experimenting SEO.

    Then I realized that I am not ready yet to work at home since I don’t have the discipline and motivation.
    I think the key is to sorround with people same as you do. It can be anything that helps go out into your house once in a while.

    And I’ve notice even though some people are extrovert they are thing we called “social need”. Because are human.

    Quite good list above, one thing I agree is no progress make us depressed. And because this is business we need to wait for 3 mths at least to rank our site before we get the reward (myth of passive income, huh?).

    Happy that you always cling on the most high. Keep pushing and all the best – excited to see your baby?



    • lostcyclist says:

      Thanks, dude! I do have that co-working space rented downtown, but it still doesn’t give much social stimulus. There is actually something really nice about having coworkers to interact with. As much as I love hanging with my wife, I miss my co-workers, strangely enough.

      The slow-to-rank thing kills me. I have a site that has just now hit page 1 for 3 terms…. after 4+ months of coaxing. I think the answer is to get them going in en masse.. like finish one every other week and just let it take its time to rank.

      Unfortunately, I’m bogged down with 4 half-finished sites and 2 half-finished ecommerce sites. So part of my resolution last night was to get these projects “finished” before Febuary. That way I can just start churning out new affiliate sites and laser my focus.

      And yeah, I can’t wait to meet the twins! Friday we get to see the OB again.

  2. Kate says:

    I’ve only just discovered your blog so am busy reading through your posts – you sound like you are doing a great job to make money online. This article really made we want to leave a message because I know exactly how you feel!

    There are so many factors that can influence our motivation and focus. When I’m feeling a little down about how nothing seems to be working out (trust me I have many of those moments!) I know that I am either tired, hungry, not taken enough exercise (or got enough fresh air) or a combination of all of them.

    You are so right about what you eat having an effect. I started to read a great book that helps to understand it called Potatoes not Prozac (your comment about the potato made me think of it again!) where it explains about keeping the chemicals in your brain in balance through different foods.

    I have also started running again (I done a marathon 2 years ago and it helped my mental attitude so much!) I just know that no matter how bad things seems going out for a run (or other form of exercise) allows you to think about things with a clear head away from the distractions.

    It is so easy when working online to let your mind become fearful and your motivation to slip, just keep thinking of all your successes to help you focus on what you can achieve.

    Thanks for this article – it reinforced that I’m not the only one to feel this way! I’ll have to try the water trick too :)

    • lostcyclist says:

      Thanks for the comment! I’ve half thought of deleting the article. It’s too revealing. :p

      But I think it is easy to sit here and neglect our bodies and then not be as successful as we want to be. Which then starts a hugely negative cycle.

      Figuring out that I can control my emotions has been one of the most empowering discoveries of my life. Yesterday’s bout lasted about 2 hours. Before, that would have been a 2-day struggle.

      Kudos on your own journey, I’ll have to check out that book.

  3. Yiannis Yuan says:

    HI Quinton, how is your purple ring site going?

  4. Jason B. says:

    This is a mental game for sure. Emotion plays a huge part in that. When I’m totally stoked about a project I go after it like crazy, writing, researching, figuring things out. But when I’m not feeling it, things sit idle. I’ll get on the computer and just stare….then get up or play games or something.

    Just today while at my “day job” I was feeling overwhelmed about the “IM” life and I was thinking to myself….Jeez, maybe I should just cut my losses and accept that I’ll be working for the man for the next 30+ years.

    Luckily, I more or less snapped out of it and now I’m home eating steak and can’t wait to get typing!

    • lostcyclist says:

      Duuuude. I hear you. In fact, 2 months before I decided to leave Chase, I seriously thought of throwing in the towel, quitting SEO and going to college (I may still do that one of these days). But, at the end of the day, I decided that I like messing with SEO enough that I probably won’t ever quit. And then 8 weeks later stuff started ranking and here I am.

      Just have faith that life has some incredible surprises in store for you over the next 24 months.

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