How To Legally Watch The Olympics For Free — Live! — Without Paying For Cable

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Ashley Doesn’t Watch The Olympics

Situation: The wife wants to watch the Olympics.
Problem: We don’t pay for cable, and the best sports will be over by the time cable gets installed.

Solution: Watch da Brits’ version of the Olympics.

Bonus: The Brit’s actually commentate on the athletic performance you are watching and not on Putin.What you need to do this:

What You Need To Watch The Olympics For Free

Suggested To Have:

  • HDMI Cable
  • TV

Watch the Olympics for (nearly) free

In the United States, NBC is the only company with the license to offer Olympic Coverage.  So, if you live within the United States, you have to abide by their rules.   If you only want to see the abbreviated coverage during prime time, than you can stop reading and just kick on your TV about 7pm CST and catch the highlights from the good, old-fashioned airwaves.

But if you want to see all 4 hours of Figure Skating this morning, well, you’ve got to get creative.

The BBC offers a good deal of live streaming on their website for UK customers.  However, in order to protect their license, they have blocked American computers from accessing their feed.

However, if you use a little piece of software, you can change it’s address so that it looks like a UK computer.

Is this illegal? Absolutely not.
Will it someday be made illegal? Maybe. But for right now this is a legal way to watch UK content.

How To Do This
1. Buy and Download Private Internet Access ($7 a month, cancel anytime — super easy to cancel if you pay via paypal)

2. Select the London, UK server. Wait For your little “dude” to go green

3. Go to

4. Watch Your favorite sport.

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  1. Erik Hansen says:

    This is such a great idea! I am going to do this.

    • lostcyclist says:

      It’s pretty cool. You could probably bypass the VPN and just change the IP address your browser is using to a London one. More complicated, so I recommend the less tecchy types buy the software.

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