There’s More To Life Than Money

For a Seed To Grow, It Must First DieI hate beginnings.

Because for each beginning, there is an ending.

I’ve been spending way too much time behind this computer.

I love it.

I love my job.

I love that it brought me home.

Dave’s right, the afternoon nookie is pretty amazing.

Three years ago I got started by writing articles on infobarrel.   “The Keyword Academy” was still a useful place. BMR made people very wealthy. The legendary  Grizz would still show up occasionally in forums around SEO .  And Pandas still ate bamboo, not websites.

Time’s have changed.  And so have I.  When I started, I wanted to be the next Pat Flynn — A guru who leads the way.

I’m finally there.  I’m a bona-fide “make money online guru”.   I could cut my own $27 WSO.  Or start my version of the Keyword Academy (Not a half-bad idea, actually).

The LostCyclist’s 5-Step Guide To Making Money

100 bill1. Buy Fresh Key.  Use it to find long-tail keywords

2. Run those keywords through Long Tail Platinum and pick your winners

3. Build a carefully silo’d site around your 30 best keywords

4. Create supporting blogs out of expired domains to help “strengthen” your main site.

5. Wait 4 months for your 1st paycheck. While waiting, build more sites.


I Don’t Want To Be A Guru

A Guru would take those steps I laid our and provide intense, repetitive detail on how they work.

They’d build a demo site, too.

Then the guru would patiently  reply to the long list of questions in the comments (If LTP says it is a 26 instead of a 25, should I still go after the keyword? What if there is no traffic in Google Keyword Planner? What if Google updates and takes out my sites?).

As a thank you, they would get to see their demo site slammed with crappy links by some reader.

guruAnd I’ve figured out, that I really don’t care about your worries and your fears all that much.


Build a friggin site.  It will win. It will lose. You will learn.

I’d way rather sit in anonymity, writing about curling irons for hamsters, cheering on the real gurus, than building up a “training” blog.

And, there is nothing wrong with that.

Besides, there has never been more truly legitimate gurus our there.  Spencer, Pat, Becker, Hayden, Chris, Andrew, heck even Ryan.  Wanna learn something?  I’ve learned everything I know from these guys.  From The Pond.

I’ve learned even more by doing.

All you’ve got to do is copy what these guys are doing.

I don’t need your money for you to do that.

Creating Dreams

I kept doing the income reports because I wanted to inspire people.

I’ve had so many people who sounded like they wanted to come along with me on this journey.

I give them assignments.  I hold their hand

Nothing.  They always back-pedal after a couple of weeks.

(Except for this 1 dude who, ironically, isn’t even desperately interested in IM. He’s just following the 5 steps and seeing pretty darn good success.)

These readers don’t want this lifestyle. They want to whine about why Long Tail Pro is too expensive  (Thanks, Spencer, for the $30k  $40k-ish check your machine has written me so far), or whatever other pansy excuse they can come up with.

I get it. 10% of you actually comment on the blog (mine, Spencers, whomever’s). And 10% of the commentators actually do IM work. But only 10% of those who do IM work are ever going to actually find success in IM.

10% x 10% x 10% = .001

Pareto’s principle is a bitch.

Frankly, my blog is ” inspirational” to you the same way that porn is.

I mean it. A lot of you want the excitement and the high and the momentary relief from your misery, but you don’t actually have the initiative to take a shower, lose some weight, take some risks, and go get a date.

You just don’t want it badly enough.  You want to pretend to want it so you can keep fooling your mind and help it stay trapped in your limiting beliefs.

The people who are going to be a success in IM, don’t need my income reports to do so.

It killed me when Skeffling stopped doing her income reports. (Thanks, girl, for showing it can be done).

But then I started making my own.

I’ve showed you it can be done. No outsourcing.  Just these two biceps. And a lot of prayer.

Watch this video and then ask yourself “What is my definition of success?

Your definition of “success” may be Ramen Noodles and a Playstation.  Kudos.  For once, go get your dreams, and quit pretending.

Create your own freaking income reports :p

Chasing Dreams

chasing dreamsYesterday was my birthday.  And I’m sitting here looking at another terrific income report that is nearly 3 month’s worth of dough from my old gig.


A year ago I was  bent over a toilet in the men’s room, dry-heaving. Thirty minutes of verbal abuse by some stranger on the phone (customer) had finally cracked me…. for about the 9th time in the 4 years I’d worked there.

I’ve paid my dues.  Years of working overtime to pay off debt. Passing up on vacations to put money in savings. Pulling all-nighters to build my IM business, and staring down the stress of Penguin, Panda and the friggin Hummingbirds.

And I’m here.

For now.

But, to what end?

The end goal for me is to have the time to ride my bike again. To teach my kid(s) how to hunt, fish and garden. To learn how to code.  To take up fencing. To figure out soldering. To go back to Africa and start Christian Schools.  To run for state rep.

To get to the end of this life and go “heck yeah, that was awesome.”

A $10k month is a tool.

It’s to be used for God’s glory.

The Future Of

africaI’m not going to disappear, yet.  But a year from now, most of you won’t be reading me. I’ll be blabbering on about language learning, missions trips and how I burnt myself whilst soldering.

Maybe I’ll discuss marketing.

Maybe I’ll do a case study.

Maybe I’ll cut a really crappy video of me playing guitar.

Maybe I’ll lose everything and end up in a call center.

It’s all about pedaling down the roads that I find interesting. Getting lost.

And leading that life well-lived.

(Which, incidentally, interests all too few people)

Thanks for riding along on the IM journey. I made it! You can too!

(But you probably won’t, because you’ll keep listening to the voice in your head)

It’s time for me to get lost in something new.


Welcome to the beginning.

(Thanks to for the stock images.)

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  1. Sudarshan says:

    Good one Quinton, I agree to whatever you have said here but I would love to hear from you from once in a while on your progress. Cheers buddy :)

    • lostcyclist says:

      Will do, man. I wish Skeffling would poke her head in once in awhile to let us know she’s still chugging along.

      I just don’t want to try to be a Guru. And I think peeps were starting to get the idea that I was one :p

  2. frank joseph says:

    An awesome post and i always like your style of writing… Unfortunately am going to start writing my income report for this year. maybe i will stop when i stop :D

    • lostcyclist says:

      Income reports are awesome, man. The peeps love ‘em!

      Besides, they’ll need more of them in 2014 since I’m shutting mine down!

  3. I see where you’re coming from. Some things turn from fun and inspirational to personal (and I think that’s when we discover it’s time consuming). :) It’s important to clear our plates and pay attention to the things that really matter. That’s my theory lately at least. :)

    • lostcyclist says:

      That’s probably a good theory.

      Maybe I need to be more introspective.

      I think it’s also a major realization that I’m about to start working fewer hours a day and not caring about money. And so the income reports are no longer as big a goal to me as they used to be.

  4. Jason says:

    Well, I’ll miss your income reports but not why you think. I actually don’t care all that much what you make (not that I don’t hope you do well). I was more interested in all the other things you had to talk about. When I do my income reports I try to talk about what I did recently, what I plan to do now, and then anything new I learned. I don’t do my income reports for the benefit of others quite frankly, I do it for the benefit of myself. Accountability and all that.

    Anyway, hope you’ll continue to update us on what you’re doing in IM world from time to time.

    • lostcyclist says:

      Sounds good, man. Will keep people updated. And I’ll still throw answers at peeps. Anytime. But something about doing the income reports means that people perceive me as an IM guru… and I really want to move beyond that.

      Boring posts about the technical aspects of SEO and marketing are more helpful, more inline with my own fascinations, and less likely to attract the posers to my blog.

      So I guess I’m just looking to make my blog more boring :p

  5. Brandon says:

    Your mindset is in the right place and yes overall people want to cling on to the limiting beliefs. Can’t wait to hear about the mission trips. Things like that are what matters in this life anyway.

    • lostcyclist says:

      Thanks for understanding! Hopefully this blog will start inspiring people to dream big and chase those dreams — even if those folks are interested in internet marketing.

  6. Joe says:

    Great post! I’m probably guilty of not being in that .001%

    Good luck with the future.

    • lostcyclist says:

      I think you do more than most. You’ve posted some pretty impressive numbers in the pond, dude. It shows that you are actually sitting down and doin’ the work.

      Just stay after it. Starting tomorrow, I’m starting a new experiment where I will write a minimum of 3,000 words a day. Every day I do that, I cross off the day on the calendar. The idea is to create a “chain” of x’s, and NEVER BREAK THE CHAIN.

      The trick is to choose a goal that will A) make a difference on your end goals and B) is easily accomplished.

      If I do only my 3k, I’ll be up an easy $3,500/month by this time next year. Seems sensible.

      (I don’t know why I rambled all of this to your response. Maybe I shouldn’t reply to posts at 1 am)

      • Joe says:

        Yeah I try.

        I like that calendar tip, I’ve been doing it for a while with a few other goals, but not writing so will give it another shot.

        I write over 3k most days for clients but not my own projects, that is where I need more discipline.


  7. Lenny says:

    Hi Quinton

    I’ve occasionally dipped into your blog here since I found it through Spencer’s Niche Pursuits site.

    I just want to say thanks for writing this post.

    It’s excellent.

    If there was required reading that someone had to do before being allowed to do internet marketing this post would be somewhere at the top.

    Best of luck with all your future adventures ….


  8. Dave says:

    Keeping it real dude; I likes it ;)

  9. Roque says:

    See you at the pond :-)

  10. Joseph Seeley says:

    I remember you talking about Africa back when we had little badges (though they seemed bigger at the time) at TKA, before the success started rolling in. Glad to hear you’re not going to get caught up in the IM game now that you’re winning at it, rather just use it to get where you should be. I look forward to those updates much more than the income reports! :)

    • lostcyclist says:

      I’m looking forward to those reports, too. I’m anxious to see if I am even half the man I want to be.

      Glad to have you around.

  11. Rachel says:

    Awesome post! I pop in to your blog from time to time but never felt compelled to comment until now. You’ve inspired me and you’re 100% right :) Here’s hoping I’m doing instead of just dreaming a few months down the line! I hope your income figures keep continuing the upwards spiral :)

  12. Roberto says:

    Nice one Quinton, good luck with whatever you do!

  13. Abexxs says:

    Quinton, you made my day ! Finding this website is like the start of my new life.

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